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Ayurveda Seminars & Consulting


Ayurveda Seminars and Consulting is dedicated to:

  • Supporting individuals to their highest level of health and well-being.

  • Providing excellence in educational Ayurvedic consultations and panchakarma services.

  • Supporting students to gain their highest level of mastery of Ayurveda through a balance of theoretical and practical education.



Ayurveda, the knowledge or Science of Life, has been practiced in India since the 10th Century B.C, according to the WHO.  Here are the World Health Organization Director-General's opening remarks at the Inaugural Session of the Global Ayush Investment and Innovation Summit – on 20 April 2022. 

Ayurveda is the oldest recorded healing science in existence and includes yoga philosophy and the attunement of body, mind and consciousness.  It is a complete medical system, comprising prevention and treatment.

Ayurveda relies on ancient assessment techniques such as pulse reading to help ascertain your individualized health management program.

Ayurveda seeks to restore health by restoring balance to your individual qualities and elements in the whole psycho-biology.

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Dr. Lambert will not be available until

April 12, 2024

To book an appointment please contact:

Dr. Priya Sangwan 



Dr. Anuja Chindarkar


Ayurveda vancouver

Is considered the foundation of good health in Ayurveda. Excellent digestion brings excellent immunity, fertility and psychological contentment.

Women's Health

My practice has evolved to focus mostly on women's and family health. Women generally choose the meal plans, daily routines and life philosophy that influence the family. Women are the carriers of health knowledge through the generations.


Fatigue is a common presenting symptom in clinical practice. To decipher the exact pathology calls for experienced expertise. Your unique individual case indicates your personal Ayurveda healing program.

Ayurveda Vancouver

Physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual stress, can cause the individual to move off their life path into diversion. Unresolved stress may lead to anxiety, depression or even violence. Meditation is the universal remedy for wide spread stress. 


Cleansing and rejuvenation science of Ayurveda is unique, effective and restorative. When done in the right time, place and circumstance, Panchakarma helps to build health and recover from disease.

Elder Care
Ayurveda Vancouver

Seniors have acquired the most life experience, therefore listening to elders is most helpful for incorporating wisdom into everyday life. We plan to develop an Ayurveda Homecare Aide training program to help address unmet needs of our revered elders.

What Others Are Saying

“You are so loving, a compassionate healer.  
You are a blessing to AYURVEDA!”

—Vaidya Vasant D. Lad, BAM&S MASc

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