Ayurveda Consultations with Dr. Jaisri M. Lambert

An Ayurveda health consultation is an in-depth interview to understand your constitutional tendencies and support your optimum health strategies, with a focus on internal medicine and right use of time (“Dina Charya”). Jaisri’s approach is founded in the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of Ayurveda, and a sincere desire to share her acquired knowledge for maintaining holistic health through natural methods. *

Many people come to natural therapy only after modern methods fall short. However, side effects must first be corrected before long-standing problems can be rectified. Though Ayurveda is a very sophisticated science, its simple, logical ways of self-healing are slow-acting, yet very effective and without side effects. 


“I feel education is the answer,” says Jaisri. “Both individual consultations and group seminars empower people to understand ancient principles of wellness for daily living, both for themselves and their families. Ayurveda is for all humanity, not just one nation or group. Though it is a very sophisticated and subtle science, simple and effective ways of self-healing can easily be applied in our modern stressful lives.”

What to Expect

Please prepare a complete list of your concerns, health history and an outline of your daily routine. Please include copies of any recent relevant medical reports. We will consider your food choices, genetic influences and lifestyle influences.

Come prepared to be empowered through understanding how ancient Ayurvedic principles of wellness apply in our modern stressful lives to maintain and improve your quality of life. Pulse reading and other assessment tools will be used to help co-create your unique Ayurvedic health program. Initial appointments may take two hours or more and are pro-rated according to the time spent. Follow-up is according to individual needs and circumstances.

Your Investment

Ayurveda Consultations pay the best dividends of your health dollar. Take advantage of Jaisri's many years of experience in personal consultations, where her extensive knowledge of herbology and internal medicine serves your health needs.

In-person (usually two hours) and telephone consultations (usually one hour advance preparation and one hour telephone time) are available to help determine your Ayurvedic Prakruti and Vikruti, the foundation of your Ayurvedic wellness program. Investment: $340 CDN + G.S.T. for Canadian residents / 2 hr. session.

For your consultation appointment, or to attend as a student for clinical skill development, please call Jaisri at 604-290-8201, e-mail Jaisri (jaisri@ayurveda-seminars.com) or fill out the form bellow.

Telephone consultations and follow-ups are pro-rated hourly. Billing applies to telephone time, email time, review, research, report and letter writing, preparation, follow-up, and file maintenance such as copying, searching, etc.

If necessary to change your appointment, no charge will be made when 48 hrs. notice is given. (Previous Friday for Monday appointments, please).

How to prepare for you Ayurveda consultation
  • List all your concerns in advance. 

  • Prepare a complete health history. 

  • Describe your daily routine to review with Jaisri.

  • Include any relevant medical reports and family history.

  • Sign the waiver form. Click here to download

Book your Ayurveda consultation

* Ayurveda is the world’s oldest holistic medical science. The information on this web site is for educational use only and not intended to prescribe, diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases or replace medical attention. Statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada or by the F.D.A. 

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