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‘Completely hands-on, very comprehensive. Jaisri makes it easy to understand a very complex subject; helps enhance practical knowledge.  Nadi Pariksha is so intimate and intense, but Jaisri made us feel so empowered from Day 1’.  

J.T., Consultant


‘It was an excellent schedule for full immersion, with the course material, group dynamics and Ayurveda Gurukula experience.  Jaisri offers this complex material with patience and wisdom of perfect timing.  I enjoyed the benefit of her extensive experience, humour and well-orchestrated delivery’.  J.C., Yoga Healer


‘Jaisri is very patient with students and makes sure concepts are understood.’ J.K., Yoga and Ayurveda Therapists


$1026.90 CAD


Learn five of the seven levels of the pulse – including Prakriti, Vikruti, (Dosha), Tissues (Dhatus), Sub-Doshas, and Ojas/Tejas/Prana.  


In this seminar, you will learn precision techniques for understanding how to interpret the ancient Ayurveda clinical wisdom at your fingertips! 


My beloved mentor of Ayurveda, Vaidya Vasant D. Lad, has taught me this ancient Ayurveda method over many years. It reveals meaningful insights about the client’s life path, beyond simple rate and rhythm readings.


As an Ayurveda Doctor (NAMA), I look forward to sharing the subtle clinical findings hidden behind each one’s heart impulse.


This is a practical seminar of learning together in a small group setting.



600 hrs. of NAMA-recognized Ayurveda education or equivalent

Tuition Investment: 

Starts at $889 Cdn. + G.S.T.

until June 1st at noon

Dates & Times:

Thursday, June 15 to Sunday, June 18

10 am - 5:30 pm

Monday, June 19 

10 am - 6 pm Graduation 5-6 pm


*Foreign nationals pay in USD*

Please phone or email for details

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