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Ayurveda is the knowledge or Science of Life, which has been practiced in India for over 5000 years. The oldest recorded healing science in existence, Ayurveda includes yoga philosophy and the harmonization of body, mind and consciousness. 

Jaisri M. Lambert is an innovative healer who has developed new techniques in Energetic Healing and Invisible Anatomy.

“All healing techniques are ancient, but today one is able to revive hidden secrets of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the sacred holistic understanding of human balancing, practiced throughout history by seers of old whose vision was very subtle and sophisticated,” says Jaisri.

Ms. Lambert teaches introductory and advanced programs in Ayurvedic Science, courses in classical medical massage (Abhyanga) for therapists, a 265-hour Certification Program in Turiya Therapy (Ayurvedic Polarity) Turiya Therapy and many other topics. She also tailors presentations and classes to a group’s interests, for example, “ Polarity Therapy for Modern Dental Practice” and “Pulse Reading According to Ayurveda” among many others.

Her success she feels is due to the practice of her teacher’s classical assessment of individual health through pulse reading and to the public’s sincere search, like her own, for holistic health through natural methods.

Jaisri grew up as Margaret Kirwen in Kerrisdale, Vancouver, British Columbia, graduating from Magee High in the class of 1965. Going on to study classics at the University of Paris (La Sorbonne), she became a French teacher. From adolescence, she had migraine headaches. In her twenties, she began researching the possible causes of her pain. Allopathic medicine could neither explain nor treat her condition effectively. Drugs prescribed not only did not work but also had intolerable side effects.

“Many people come to natural therapy only after modern methods fail. The side effects have to be corrected before the now long-standing problem can be rectified,” she remarks. “Natural healing is slow but effective. It takes time to come to understand our psycho-physiology from a classical perspective.

“I feel education is the answer. Both individual consultations and group seminars empower people to understand ancient principles of wellness from Ayurveda for daily living, for themselves and their families. Ayurveda is for all humanity, not just one nation or group. Though it is a very sophisticated and subtle science, simple and effective ways of self-healing can easily be applied in our modern stressful lives.” Her enthusiasm is infectious.

As a young mother in her twenties, Jaisri began studying naturopathy and herbology to manage her own family’s health. She adopted organic vegetarianism after studying our commercial food chain.

“Ayurveda does not specifically prescribe vegetarianism but does describe the qualities (e.g. thick, light, astringent, etc) of food substances. Thus we can distinguish between foods that are health-building such as fresh, pure foods and foods that constitute ‘slow poison’ such as stale or improperly combined foods. Ayurvedic dietetic science is very logical, it is beyond fads and has stood the test of time for more than 5,000 years”, says Jaisri.

“Prevention is more cost-effective than treatment. Ayurveda looks at each person as unique and helps us to understand imbalances and learn to restore our own innate constitutional balance,” she continues.

In her thirties, as her children grew older, she began taking every possible seminar and workshop on health. She encountered Polarity Therapy, the science of touch healing from Ayurveda.

“The knowledge of classical meridians and trigger points is beneficial in alleviating pain conditions, and I go further to acknowledge the psycho-spiritual aspects of health and dis-ease. For example, I have observed that those with chronic fatigue may not be in alignment with their life purpose. It may seem removed from the outward symptoms, but if we probe with care, these subtle root influences may be there. By addressing the symptoms and the root cause together, results are more comprehensive and more lasting healing is possible.” 

After Jaisri became certified in Polarity Therapy in 1985, demand for her classes gradually increased. She founded the Westcoast Polarity School and later the East-West Polarity School and began travelling and teaching Polarity Therapy, as founded by Dr. Randolph Stone, D.O., D.C., N.D.

“I felt one day I would continue Dr. Stone’s innovative but incomplete contribution to understanding the effects of energy therapy on whole health,” she reflects. “Dr. Stone did not include an in-depth understanding of Ayurvedic medicine.” 

In 1990, Jaisri met her teacher of Ayurveda, Vaidya Vasant D. Lad, MA.Sc., on a tour in Victoria, B.C. an event that influenced her life deeply. Her unfolding of the world’s oldest and still most comprehensive holistic healthcare science began. “Healing love plus intelligence”, Dr. Lad taught her. Inwardly, she had always known that spirituality and physical life are not separate.

At last, her migraine syndrome became understood and managed; her study of the broad philosophies of Ayurveda began, as well as the Vedic culture of its origin which emphasized that human and divine experiences are related and that as we achieve balance individually we also arrive at more harmony with the divine, a state of unity that feels natural.

“Happiness is a symptom of health in Ayurveda. We cannot exclude spiritual considerations from a health program”, says Ms. Lambert. “The emphasis is on individual lifestyle and constitutional balance in Ayurveda. We can learn much today from ancient texts, specifically drugless therapies, modalities and treatments. With my background in Polarity Therapy, I see people with a variety of complaints such as chronic spinal stress, headaches, fatigue, arthritis, depression, digestive and hormonal disorders, sleeplessness and many more unusual complaints. I have developed a science of body-based counselling rooted in the philosophy and trigger point (“Marma”) science of Ayurveda, named ‘Turiya Therapy’ by Dr. Lad.

“Touch therapy is one important bridge for re-establishing our mind-body relationships. Natural methods of breath awareness, stretching, dietary science, herbal supplements, meditation, massage, bodywork and Pancha Karma (classical healing programs) are gentle, free of side effects, empowering to the individual and promote natural cleansing and rejuvenation. Most importantly perhaps, these time-honoured measures are effective in regaining control of one’s health,” Jaisri concludes.

During more than twelve years of study and practice of Ayurveda, Jaisri has developed a deep knowledge of herbal formulations, individualized wellness programs, classical bodywork techniques and much more. Her gift of teaching Ayurveda at all levels is unique, delighting students internationally. Jaisri Lambert is fluently bilingual in both French and English.

For individual health consultation appointments and for information on designing programs or topics for your group, please contact Jaisri at

+1 604-290-8201 (Canada)

9 am to 5 pm Mon to Fri, Pacific Time

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