The Ayurveda Case Management Mentorship Program is for interested graduates who feel a need for experienced client care support.


Jaisri M. Lambert, Ayurveda Doctor (NAMA) www.ayurveda-seminars.com 

I’ve received countless messages from Ayurveda graduates over the years expressing a need for mentorship support in specific case management.  


This program gives emphasis to the AshtaVidhaParisksha or Eightfold Assessment Protocol for logical and consistent analysis of each individual case, beginning with our own. Dina Charya is also emphasized, mostly learned at the feet of my mentor Vaidya Vasant D. Lad from 1988.


This Case Study Mentorship Program proposes to help fulfill this community need through the great advent of Zoom, and to share my over 30 years of Ayurveda clinical practice in the US and Canada, while strengthening our ever-increasing community, dedicated to healing while respecting Nature’s own laws.

Investment:   $330US ($416 Cdn + GST)  Early Bird Pricing
                         $363US ($457 Cdn + GST) thereafter, space permitting.

Program Goals:

  • Support your entry into Ayurveda practice

  • Provide Ayurveda community networking

  • Provide skill development in practical clinical evaluation

  • Support your personal and professional Ayurveda journey


Program Design: 

  • Mentorship (GuruKula) is how I learned with my teacher, Vaidya Vasant D. Lad over many years.

  • Beginning with our own program, we study the AshtaVidhaPariksha and DinaCharya together while 

         applying the mind in Ayurveda logical assessment.

  • Case Studies will be submitted in advance and shared with the group.

  • Case analysis toward individualized program suggestions, unfolding through systematic analysis.

  • Confidentiality is paramount outside our group.  Openness and trust prevailed within the group.

Sorry, no refunds or recordings.

Please be present on Zoom for punctual start of opening prayers.


I have been blessed to be able to call Jaisri M. Lambert, Ayurveda Doctor (NAMA)  my Mentor and fellow colleague. She has so much love and support to give to her students, clients and everyone around her. You can ask her anything about Ayurveda and she can go into so much detail about what you ask. Her wisdom goes unnoticed and love is much appreciated. 

Thank you for all you do Jaisri, it's such a pleasure to work with you. 

-S.P. Ayurvedic Health Counsellor and Yoga Instructor

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