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                 According to Ayurveda, the ancient                         science of holistic health

PRESENTER: JAISRI LAMBERT, Ayurveda Doctor                          (NAMA)



                   2010 Harrison Drive, Vancouver, BC                       V5P 2P6 (Near Victoria Dr. & Marine                       Dr. in south Vancouver)


DATE:          SATURDAY, MAY 13, 2023

TIMES:         2:00 pm             Tea & Seating

                   2:30 pm – 4 pm  Program presentation

2023, May 13, Ayuvedic Medicine
Pulse Assessment Nadi Pariksha Ayurveda



‘Completely hands-on, very comprehensive. Jaisri makes it easy to understand a very complex subject; helps enhance practical knowledge.  Nadi Pariksha is so intimate and intense, but Jaisri made us feel so empowered from Day 1’.  

J.T., Consultant


‘It was an excellent schedule for full immersion, with the course material, group dynamics and Ayurveda Gurukula experience.  Jaisri offers this complex material with patience and wisdom of perfect timing.  I enjoyed the benefit of her extensive experience, humour and well-orchestrated delivery’.  J.C., Yoga Healer


‘Jaisri is very patient with students and makes sure concepts are understood.’ J.K., Yoga and Ayurveda Therapists


$1026.90 CAD


Learn five of the seven levels of the pulse – including Prakriti, Vikruti, (Dosha), Tissues (Dhatus), Sub-Doshas, and Ojas/Tejas/Prana.  


In this seminar, you will learn precision techniques for understanding how to interpret the ancient Ayurveda clinical wisdom at your fingertips! 


My beloved mentor of Ayurveda, Vaidya Vasant D. Lad, has taught me this ancient Ayurveda method over many years. It reveals meaningful insights about the client’s life path, beyond simple rate and rhythm readings.


As an Ayurveda Doctor (NAMA), I look forward to sharing the subtle clinical findings hidden behind each one’s heart impulse.


This is a practical seminar of learning together in a small group setting.



600 hrs. of NAMA-recognized Ayurveda education or equivalent

Tuition Investment: 

Starts at $889 Cdn. + G.S.T.

until June 1st at noon

Dates & Times:

Thursday, June 15 to Sunday, June 18

10 am - 5:30 pm

Monday, June 19 

10 am - 6 pm Graduation 5-6 pm


*Foreign nationals pay in USD*

Please phone or email for details

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Nov. 12 - Dec. 29, 2023

Again, I plan to host a small group in rural Tamil Nadu to experience the health benefits of classical Panchakarma, in a unique and conducive community, dedicated to sustaining the classical cleansing and rejuvenation science. 

Now is the time to make your decision to join us, as accommodations must now be made well ahead.

Several times, I have hosted groups since 2015, except during the Covid lockdown years.

At last, now we can again bridge east and west with Ayurveda health care, designed and developed for longevity, where I feel our self-care investment pays the best dividends.

All past participants have experienced significant holistic health improvements over the years. 

Comment from a recent participant:

“Things are going well since my panchakarma program.  

Most of my psoriasis spots are healed a small miracle after 19 years of trouble. 

My digestion is back to normal and my appetite is good after a 3-year battle. 

My swollen prostate is being addressed and I’m anticipating more success.”

K.H., Farmer

Participants know it is not a spa experience and that healing is a deep-acting process which brings spiritual growth and evolution, along with physical cleansing, detoxification and rejuvenation.

For more information, please email me at: or call 604-290-8201

Pacific time, Mon.-Fri. 9 am-5 pm.

21-DAY PROGRAM DATES:November 12 to December 10, 2023Included: 21 days of treatment, 7 days rest (3 before & 7 after treatment)

Nov. 24, 2022


A day in VAIDYAGRAMA, Ayurveda Healing Village.


Healing in Paradise

I would like to give you a sense of what it’s like to be in Vaidyagrama.

I am sitting on a wonderful patio, just outside my apartment.  I am looking out at another building containing apartments for other people who are here for treatment.  The entire compound is quite lush.  There are a number of residential buildings, both for staff and for people here for treatment.  In between all these buildings, there is a lush forest.  The forest contains a variety of saplings from midsize to fairly large trees.  All are medicinal.

Each morning begins with an incredible symphony of tropical birds.  This afternoon there is a wonderful chanting taking place somewhere…distant, soft and calming.  I haven’t heard that before.  And there are always melodic birds singing throughout the day.  Occasionally you hear one of the cows on the adjacent farm, they sound pretty happy.

This facility opened in 2008.  Before then, it was barren land.  It was more than barren, it was toxic.  The wonderful man whom I met in Costa Rica, Dr. Ramkumar Kutty, had a vision of creating a healing space.  That space would not only house patients and staff, but it would also be a setting where as much as possible of the food and medicinal herbs that are to be used in the treatment of patients was grown on site.

As he told me, they utilized ash from burned ceremonial dried cow dung, a known detoxifying substance, to detoxify the land.  The buildings are all made of red clay bricks, tiles, roofing tiles etc.  It’s all from this site.

A quick word about the staff, from the doctors to the clinicians, to the cooks and housekeeping staff.  Everybody is amazingly gracious, and happy.  When you pass someone on the walkway, they smile at you and put their right hand over their heart.

When we arrived in a taxi from the local airport nine days ago.  We came into the reception area, where they had us sit and served some wonderful tea.  After a few forms, we were escorted to our apartment.  One of the younger, junior doctors came in, conducted an intake consultation, history and exam, and outlined how our treatment would go, as well as introduced us to all the facilities, and common scheduled events.

We were given three days to accommodate, where we were just fed delicious meals, and given time to rest from our travels.  There is a delicious sweet herbal tea at seven in the morning, a delicious breakfast at eight, and another herbal drink a bit before lunch.  Lunch is served at noon.  There’s another delicious herbal drink and fruit snack at about 3 PM.  Dinner is served at five.  I was thinking we would be getting more of a mono diet, it’s actually quite varied.  It’s vegetarian, with a number of different rice and wheat dishes, a number of soups and mung bean or mung dal dishes; some simple but delicious vegetable dishes.  New to me is moringa, which is an okra–like tree fruit that as much as you try, you cannot digest the skin, but the inner portion is delicious and very high in iron.  There are some delicious coconut soups.

Every Wednesday at noon there is a banquet served in their library.  I just came back from that today, it was delicious.  There was rice with curry, a tiny couscous patty with chutney.  Some delicious little sweet treats, two soups and some delicious tea.  After the banquet, a number of people got up and sang, some devotional songs, some Beatles songs.  It was quite the talent show.

Each day has a special little ceremony.  One last week was when a cow was blessed.  It was quite fun, at the end everybody got a wonderful sweet treat.  Yesterday was a cooking class where they made a very sweet pancake-like patty.  We got to sample it at the end.

At 6:15 AM and 6:15 PM, there are devotional ceremonies; prayers are sung in Sanskrit; and everyone is blessed at the end of each.  In the blessing you receive a little bit of holy water, some Tulsi leaves, and your forehead is adorned with two different types of paste.

The schedule has lots of open times when you are encouraged to just be contemplative, quiet, and rest and soak in the wonderfully warm, balmy climate.  They even have carts towed on the passways between the buildings, that are burning some kind of pungent concoction that keeps the bugs away.  Today a wonderful breeze is blowing, so there are virtually no bugs at all.

On the first day of treatment, we were given an herbal warm water treatment.  First, you sit and then lie on a wooden table while clinicians pour this wonderful quite warm water herbal preparation over you, made from the bark of 4 different members of the Fica family (which may include the banyan tree.)  The purpose of this is to open up all of the microchannels in your arms, legs and torso that have become clogged over time.  The warmth also opens up the pores in your skin.  So toxins are released either through perspiration or recycled through your liver into your gut to be recycled from there.

There’s kind of a ceremonial beauty in which the clinicians perform this hot water treatment. After, you take a quite wonderful standing bath/shower.

Later in the day, they are providing us with some musculoskeletal treatments.  One is a light tapping/‘pounding’ of the neck, shoulders and lower back with heated Louganis-like sponges.  My friend didn’t like that, and instead, they put warm oil in a hot water bottle on his lower back.

After a few days, at the end of the warm water treatment, you’re given ‘Basti’ -a gentle herbal enema.  That’s to encourage cleansing of the lower colon.  Not something I’ve done much of at all; but after having it done now three times, it’s not really unpleasant at all.

Throughout each day, there are periods to ask questions about this process to the doctors in the library.  Three or four times now, Dr. Ramkumar has been at those sessions, answering questions, and moderating lively discussions. He’s a pretty amazing human being.  Very funny, and very wise in a common sense way.

The foundation of Ayurveda is very much like the foundation of chiropractic - help the body become as strong as possible, so it can do its own self-healing.  All living things are inherently self-healing, or they wouldn’t even be alive.  Ayurveda focuses on healing through the digestive system.  That however can include mental, spiritual as well as physical aspects.  It basically focuses on the energetic and physical strength of each person, and how to restore any loss of either, and then let the body take over.

Our treatments will change within the next few days, as they utilize more ways to cleanse and help us heal. 

Blessings and Smiles, 
J.G., Chiropractor

Ayurveda community program vancouver canada


I found today’s session helpful for validating the complexity of the interfacing between Ayurveda and Western medicine and the complexity of primary issues a client may be experiencing as well as additional complexity due to side effects and the importance and necessity of foundational practices of diet. It seems even this is applying the opposite quality in the sense of simplification. And a good reminder that even though I might decide to pursue education to bring my AP requirements up to meet NAMA standards for example that the application of AHC is important and impactful and may be our best or only option at the time or the beginning point. And this is challenging enough at times to find ways to bring into my own life and our clients. I like your use of the client's cosmology it feels compassionate. To see the process of understanding and revelation as well as chikitsa as a process - opposed to ideas of “rightness” and “one way” that can sneak in. I also appreciate that I get a sense you have a way of revealing or helping me reveal my blind spots or shadows and particularly resonated with what you said about Scorpio today. 

J.M., Chemistry Major


You have a very understanding group 💚I love our Friday sessions, I feel like I am learning so much by being around you and everyone else. Thank you so much for organizing this incredible programme.  Oh, I really hope the mentorship programme continues, I'm sure everyone feels the same! The knowledge, learning & discussions on the calls are invaluable. Extremely grateful for all that you do 💚 The most beautiful inspiring compassionate caring person I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. I’m forever grateful to have found you (& I have Jessica to thank for that, forever grateful to her too). You have & continue to change so many lives with your loving care. You have such a kind heart 💜 The mentorship programme I am so grateful for, it has been an incredible experience to be around such loving compassionate people with so much experience who wants nothing but health & happiness for everyone in the world. I feel so blessed I was able to participate in this beautiful program you created. I cannot thank you enough, I learned so much throughout. 

R.W., World Traveler                                                                               


It was a wonderful session. So glad you are doing this with us. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom during the classes...I loved the sessions. Thank you for the class. It was a big boost for me, especially the feeling of Dr. Lad being there with us. You are a wonderful channel. 

A.K., Artist, Ayurveda Practitioner


Thanks for putting on these seminars - they have been so valuable!  Thank you for sharing your time and wisdom and creating this forum. It was good to finally get to meet you and know you a little. 

J.G., Ayurveda Student


Sharing her knowledge, insight and many years of experience, Jaisri encourages discussion and questions in a warm and engaging manner. This course offered me the extra level of confidence I was hoping for, I recommend it to all my fellow Ayurvedists looking to expand their experience with knitting these ancient principles together into a viable offering.  I’m hoping you host another “Breakthrough to Empowerment Mentorship” program soon as I love the weekly guidance, in-depth discussions, group empowerment, and a safe place where I feel comfortable to ask anything I’m uncertain about and not be judged for asking a silly question.  I am honoured and so grateful you brought us all together and look forward to our next session. I've learned so much from you and the others!!!  Thank you!

J.C., Ayurveda Teacher


Sincere thanks for generously sharing your experience and wisdom with us in the mentorship group. I deeply appreciate the opportunity you and Lena provided to regularly connect with other lifelong students of Ayurveda.  Thanks to Zoom, I experienced a sense of community with new friends; not feeling so isolated in my little bubble.  Hearing the case studies, concerns, and accomplishments of the other students was quite enlightening and motivating.  Sharing book resources, common concerns and different perspectives was an added plus.

K.A., Healer


Over the course of 8 weeks, Jaisri has skillfully revealed to our group (of novice Ayurveda practitioners) the art of carefully considering clients' imbalances using classical Ayurveda principles and weaving together simple, practical and comprehensive treatment plans.

This program was so lovely and I appreciate having such a safe space to learn and evolve in.

J.P. Ayurveda Practitioner

"Often I felt adrift in my early practitioner years and would have loved a group anchor.​
Now after nearly 40 years of clinical practice in a western setting, I feel ready to give with both hands as my mentor Dr. Vasant Lad modelled.
This forum is dedicated to your success as a new practitioner or senior student to uplift and empower your Ayurveda consultations.
This series is for questions & answers, in-depth discussions, classroom teaching examples, case management guidance, laughter and much more!
​Come play with me to discover the secrets, insights and traditional filters for engaging clients toward their health goals."
​- Jaisri Lambert, Ayurveda Doctor (NAMA)



Dates & Times:
Fridays Sept. 8 - Oct. 27 (EXCEPT SEPT.15)
10 am - 12 pm PST


*Engaging the Ashta-Vidha-Pariksha paradigm*

*Focusing on case study management & random client/participant questions*

*Eligible for P.A.C.E credits for NAMA members*

*Form lifelong trust bonds with other like-minded colleagues!*







$345 CAD


$329 USD

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